Physical Therapy 

Specialist in Orthopedics

PhysioStudio services provide patient centered care with integrative collaboration, transparency and effective communication. 

All sessions are one on one for 45-60 minutes.

Sessions may start with an assessment and review of your movement patterns.

Exercises and treatment are tailored to your individual needs. 

The PhysioStudio mission is to provide you with one on one, individualized care which exceeds industry standards.  


 PhysioStudio Physical Therapy was established in April 2019 to provide the New York City community with customized treatments.  

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At PhysioStudio PT, the mission is to provide you with the individualized and patient centered Physical Therapy to help you achieve your goals.

Services we offer are: 

> Physical Therapy one on one (insurance and cash based)

> Medical Massage / Manual Therapy (insurance and cash based)

PhysioStudio Approach

The PhysioStudio focus is on a holistic approach to injuries. Treatment is not limited to just your joint or body part.  

Treatment is centered on areas that are contributing to your injury.  By finding  the underlying cause of the injury and addressing any impairments or biomechanical deficiencies that may be contributing to your symptoms, you can become pain free and return to your activities.

Insurance Plans Accepted:

PhysioStudio Physical Therapy is an insurance-based medical office.

We accept major medical insurance, including but not limited to:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • United Health Care

PhysioStudio will contact your insurance and verify your benefits prior to beginning care.

Your First Visit

During your first visit, Christine will assess your movement patterns and strength to find the underlying cause of dysfunction and/or pain.

By treating the true cause of your symptoms, Christine will investigate factors that may have contributed to the injury occurrence in the first place.

Re-evaluations are performed every 4-6 weeks to reassess your progress and make any modifications to your plan of care and goals.

Christine drops off or faxes your periodic PT notes to your referring MD so that your doctor is updated on your Physical Therapy plan of care and your progressions in PT.

547 West 27th Street, Suite 620 B

New York, NY 10001

Get in Touch:

Phone: 516-849-8851

Fax: 718-387-8010


Mon/Wed/Fri, 6:30 am - 9 pm

Tue/Thurs, 6:30 am - 1 pm


From 27th Street (and mailing address):

547 W. 27th St. #620 B, 10001 

 From 28th Street:

548 W. 28th St. #620 B, 10001

Located in the Landmark Arts Building between 10th and 11th Ave.

PhysioStudio is on the west side of Manhattan, in  Hudson Yards/Chelsea area