2019, Nikki P .

Highly recommend Dr. Christine Miller! She is absolutely wonderful, attentive, kind, friendly and accommodating! She listens and take amazing care of her patients. Thanks so much for the great work you do!

2019, Steph D. 

For about half a year prior to seeing Christine, I had been suffering from intense headaches due to stress in the neck and shoulder muscles. The headaches occurred multiple times daily and wouldn't go away with overcounter medication. After being prescribed physical therapy by my doctor I started meeting with Christine twice a week. She is very professional, listens carefully, has high energy and is just an absolute amazing physical therapist! Not only are my headaches gone but they disappeared within the 6 weeks the doctor prescribed. I highly recommend her services.

2019, Frans M.

"I will start out with the following: Christine Miller is an exceptional physical therapist. She is a genius. She is extremely diligent. It feels like you are her only patient. She invests a lot of time and effort into your rehabilitation. I did not find these wonderful qualities with other physical therapists, who were always rushed and somewhat annoyed with my questions about my injuries and possible recovery methods. She explains everything: Why you were injured, and how to get back on track again. It is not filled with convoluted medical jargon. Everything makes sense, and every challenge also seems viable. Her optimism is infectious, as recovery is truly a process of the body and the mind. She understands that every human being is different, and she adapts to different situations and recovery methods. I did not find this with previous physical therapists, who went with generic, and somewhat archaic, methods. Christine is constantly finding ways to help you with recovery. She is patient, and she cares about every part of your recovery. She checks in after sessions, and she designs incredible and realistic home programs so that you can continue with your improvement. She is truly determined to stabilize all of the instabilities. I am experiencing incredible results. I have been to many other medical professionals before, and my injuries were ongoing; I could not see improvement. I wish I arrived at PhysioStudio Physical Therapy much earlier. Christine is this beam of light every week who helps me, step by step without rushing it, to become more and more pain-free, something I have started to accept as a quixotic luxury. I thank Christine for her incredible work, and I wish I can give her more stars. I highly recommend her.

2019, Sally W. 
In 2015, I had acute trochanteric bursitis. Two doctors diagnosed my symptoms incorrectly until I went to see a pain management specialist from NYU. I got two shots of steroids, which were the maximum I could get in that year.
After the treatment, I was referred to a physical therapist. Nevertheless, the PT sessions did not heal me and made it worse.
The pain management doctor recommended me to get a PHP. It was not covered by insurance and very expensive procedures. I hesitated.
In 2017, my bursitis came back. I sought other treatments including a series of very expensive personal Pilates sessions. Nothing helped.
Then I found Dr. Miller. Dr. Miller was very attentive and did very thorough evaluation. She not only made me feel better after the session, but also gave me very simple usable step by step exercise to do by myself. She always re-evaluated my situation from time to time, followed through with a heart, and has never requested any prolonged or unnecessary additional sessions.
Now my bursitis has completely gone. No pressure from the unwanted medical procedures and piles of medical bills. I am pain free and very thankful for her services.

2019, Amanda H. 

Chrissy is deserving of 5+ stars in my opinion. I've been working with her about 3 months now. Although skeptical at first, I've already seen improvement in my knees/hips. She's patient and thoughtful, super knowledgeable, encouraging, and actively reaches out pre/post session to check in my condition. Moreover, she customizes exercises to your fitness level and abilities as you progress. Highly recommend! :)

2019, Nick L.

I've had a multitude of sports injuries over the years and have seen many physical therapists at some of the best clinics in the country. Christine is by far the best I've been to. What sets her apart is her intuition, knowledge, and can-do attitude. She not only deeply understands the human body, but she also knows that every body is different and adjusts her approach accordingly. In a world full of "off-the-shelf" care, Christine provides uniquely bespoke physical therapy, yielding the best results. Cannot recommend highly enough!

2019, Tom M.

I had a very positive experience during my time in PT with Chrissy. I've been to a few PT's in the past however what sets Chrissy apart from the others is that she addresses the underlying mechanism that is driving the pain and treats it, not just the symptoms.  She is a great communicator and you can tell she really cares.  I am happy to say that I made a full recovery.